The Valsesia, a unique and captivating territory close to major urban centers such as Milan, Turin, Novara, and Vercelli, is attracting more and more tourists and garnering increasing interest due to its various environmental, cultural, and social characteristics. Situated in the basin of the Sesia River, this region originates at the foot of Monte Rosa and extends to its confluence with the Sesia River of the Sessera stream, passing through the municipality of Gattinara and the slopes of Monte Fenera.

With an almost regular shape, the Valsesia is characterized by a varied and intricate valley profile, considered one of the most beautiful in the Alps. It is divided into two main areas: the Lower Valsesia, which includes the Val Strona and the Valle di Cellio, extending from Borgosesia to Romagnano, and the Upper Valsesia, comprising the Val Grande (from Varallo to Alagna), the Val Piccola (or Val Sermenza, from Balmuccia to Rima), the Val Mastallone (from Varallo to Fobello), along with other smaller valleys such as the Egua (from Rimasco to Carcoforo) and the Landwasser (in Rimella).

In these valleys of Valsesia, a typical atmosphere of the pre-Alps is preserved and jealously guarded. Thanks to natural parks and protected areas, the ecosystem and ethno-cultural riches are safeguarded. You can find green and pristine landscapes with harmoniously integrated communities and villages, along with a pleasant climate, ideal for holidays and hiking activities that offer multiple resources.

Varallo, elegant and culturally rich, is the capital of Valsesia, boasting the oldest Sacred Mountain in the Alps, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which attracts numerous pilgrims from around the world every year. Borgosesia, the largest center in the valley, hosts important commercial centers, while Roccapietra di Varallo is home to a significant industrial hub.

Every corner of this region preserves works of ingenuity and artistic skill, a testament to the contribution of the local population who have valued their own land. Thanks to the diaspora of the past, their expertise has crossed national borders, contributing to the world with their mastery.

The beauty of Valsesia is appreciated not only by its inhabitants but also by those who love the mountains, drawn to the unspoiled nature, forests, snow-capped mountains, glistening glaciers, and picturesque lakes with crystal-clear waters. It is a place destined to be loved and appreciated even by those who have not yet discovered it.

Talking about Valsesia is a challenge; to fully understand it, one must explore it carefully, immerse oneself in its nuances, listen to the stories it tells, walk its paths, and get to know its people, traditions, and cultural characteristics. Only then can one develop a genuine love for this extraordinary place.