Hiking and Trekking

Challenge yourself and venture on scenic trails through lush forests, sparkling rivers and mountain peaks. Hiking offers the opportunity to connect with nature and explore unforgettable views.

Canoa e kayak

The Sesia river has been recognized as one of the most interesting rivers for the practice of all river sports specialties. This has led to a constant series of events related to canoeing and kayaking, culminating in the organization here, in this ideal place, of editions of the European and World Championships.

Mountain Biking

Explore winding trails and challenging routes on two wheels. Mountain biking is an exciting activity that allows you to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy breathtaking views while overcoming natural obstacles.

Skiing and snowboarding

Winter transforms the mountains into a white paradise. The snow-covered slopes offer excitement for both skiers and snowboarders of all levels, from slopes for beginners to more demanding challenges for the more experienced.

Sci di Fondo

Lo sci di fondo è un’attività sportiva che offre un’esperienza unica nell’esplorare la bellezza della montagna durante la stagione invernale. Conosciuto anche come sci nordico, è una disciplina che combina eleganza, resistenza e una connessione profonda con la natura.


Snowshoes are one of the most engaging and accessible ways to explore the mountains during the winter season. These “snowshoes” offer a unique experience, allowing hikers to walk on fresh, soft snow, opening up new paths in pristine landscapes.