Alagna Valsesia, the main hub for tourism in the Valsesia region, sits at the upper end of the Val Grande, at the foot of the massive Monte Rosa, right where the Sesia River originates. This elegant and historic village of Alagna is rich in activities and vitality, with a lively associative and cultural life that often places it at the center of conferences and important events.

The Walser culture is a distinctive part of Alagna, evident in its style, language, history, traditions, and resources. The village boasts numerous initiatives and facilities, such as the Walser Museum in Pedemonte, the Ecomuseum with the recovery of ancient houses, the Walser Studies Center hosting high-level conferences, the Theater Unione, and the Folkloric Group “Im Land”. The most suggestive and ancient testimonies of these ancient inhabitants are visible in the twenty-two high hamlets of Alagna, far from traffic and easily accessible with short walks from the center, which alone attract many tourists.

Exploring the village, with its ancient streets expertly restored winding through traditional architecture, offers many pleasant surprises and provides compelling tourist attractions, blending environment and history.

One of the main points of interest is the parish church of San Giovanni Battista, dating back to the late Gothic period, featuring numerous artistic and artisanal treasures. These include the soapstone pulpit, the intricately carved and gilded Baroque wooden altar, statues by Giovanni D’Enrico, 16th-century works, furniture, stuccoes, and decorations. Additionally, visitors can admire the 1564 bell tower and the ancient cemetery with the “huszaichen,” symbols of the oldest local families.

Naturally, the mountains and its extensive ski area play a fundamental role in local tourism; from Alagna, the most challenging excursions towards Monte Rosa start, reaching the highest shelters to enjoy the incredible charm of its peaks. Surrounding the basin of Alagna, extending to the borders with Valle d’Aosta, lies the magnificent Monterosa Ski area, a kind of “alpine power” for Italian freeriding, a true paradise for skiing enthusiasts.